Interviewing Advice

Each company we deal with is known by us personally and thoroughly researched making certain that every introduction will have the best possible chance of success.


The interview is your chance to back up in person everything entered on your CV. This will probably be your first direct contact with the company and will give you an insight into its workings and the chance to meet with personnel to see if it is the place where you would like to work.


There are several forms of interview with varying degrees of formality, but in essence they consist of a conversation allowing the employer to get to know you. Whilst interviews can be a daunting, it should be remembered that the interviewer is only human. They may also be nervous.


Carry out research into the company and prepare your interview resources before the day. You will need to take a couple of copies of your CV and if possible some examples of the work that you have completed.


When attending the interview dress to impress. A business suit shows that you mean business and be early, it shows commitment. By waiting in reception you can observe, learn and add some finishing touches to your company knowledge. Remember that first impressions last.


Enter with confidence, be determined and decisive, make a point of exchanging courtesies both on arrival and leaving. Dont complain about your present or last company's shortcomings but be friendly and open. Be careful not to interrupt the interviewer when they are talking, but equally dont limit yourself to yes/no answers.


Check what it says about the company on the internet and try to slip your up to date knowldge into the conversation. When you are sure that the vacancy and the company meet your requirements, make it clear that you want the position.


Whatever you do following an interview remember to contact your recruitment consultant to discuss your thoughts. This will help us to emphasise your claim to the position, resolve any doubts or identify other positions if you are not satisfied.