AzTecks Online Shortlist

The software and databases of AzTecks are designed for the recruitment market. Delivered monthly AzTecksOnline shortlist provides an ideal platform from which both applicants and employers can advertise their skills and portray their vacancies. The information displayed is generalised to ensure confidentiality and is read by;


  • Those with responsibility for recruiting staff
  • Students looking for work experience
  • Experienced contractors
  • Those employed looking to improve their current situation
  • The unemployed looking to improve their lifestyle


With an ever growing demand for bilingual and multilingual speakers not only do we source locally but are just as successful when placing individuals seeking work from overseas with experience in our key disciplines. 


As the majority of candidates are now using the internet to find work, online recruitment has become the main route to apply for a position or advertise vacancies or skills.


Our extensive employment knowledge coupled with the latest search engine technology allows AzTecks Shortlist to attract new readers every month. The site has been carefully designed making the process of finding an employee or employer as simple as possible. All vacancies advertised and applicants portrayed are genuine and available.


Any information received is confidential. We will not communicate or pass on details to any company or individual without prior contact. We will not store or use contact details for commercial purposes other than that stated.