Work Experience & Internships

Each year a number of highly prized individuals, either recent graduates or students in their final year at university or business school who are taking second degrees, look to add an extra dimension to their CV by combining travel with educational advancement.


The company benefits by gaining tangible assistance from skilled and motivated young people with access to different languages as some are bilingual or even multilingual.


Every step of the way through selection,interviews, offers and commencement your consultant will guide you, providing the support and expert advice you deserve.

The AzTecks promise includes;


  • You gain an invaluable insight into European business adding an impressive dimension to your CV.


  • An opportunity to develop your business language skills.


  • Arriving at your destination you will be met by your consultant who is there whenever required.


  • Contact with your employer to sort problems that may occur and to receive performance updates.


When completing the registration please remember that you are effectively competing with many others for placements. Consider what is important to you. To earn money or to gain experience relevant to your studies which will profit you in future years. Some companies may even offer assistance towards accommodation and travelling expenses.Each contract and subsequent contract if extended will be for a minimum period of 12 weeks.