Full time Placements

Vacancies are few & candidates are difficult to find. Ensuring success is very competitive knowing that the most important asset to a client is its employees. Many of the best positions are rarely advertised. We invariably introduce the "elite" who are not necessarilly looking for a change & well respected by their own company to those entrepreneurs looking for the best.


When REGISTERED assessments will be made to identify suitable positions based on experience, salary & location


When an opportunity is recognised you will be invited to attend for INTERVIEW, as we are required by our clients to also assess personality and attitude. This is one of the most important aspects of the recruitment process. By specialising in vertical markets & developing client/applicant rapport the wide & varied scope of recruitment can be focussed into easily definable disciplines, ensuring each introduction closely matches that which is required.


It costs nothing to register. The only thing we ask is to let us know what happens at any interview arranged.


Even if you are not interested in the vacancies listed it is still worth registering to receive Shortlist on a regular basis. Published monthly it contains current vacancies within our key disciplines. Any information given is entirely confidential. We will not pass on your details to any company or individual you do not wish us to contact.