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Adverts & Candidate Introduction


We use the most efficient advertising concepts for a successful marketing campaign,covering all sectors of modern media, conducting an individual and professional campaign resulting in a shortlist for both clients & candidates, within 7 days.


We prepare:


  • Job Board,magazine and social networking.
  • Recruitment adverts for email to competitor candidate databases.


We will contact you for authorisation prior to publishing & following approval arrange a shortlist in 7 days.


Good vacancies are hard to come by & good employees harder still to identify. Ensuring success is very competitive knowing that the most important business asset is its staff.


 Many of the best positions are rarely advertised. We invariably introduce "THE ELITE" who are not necessarily looking for a change and are well respected by their own employer, to clients’ only interested in the ideal


.By specialising in vertical markets, skills can be focussed into easily definable disciplines keeping the customer informed on new trends, high technology and how to get the very best from their recruitment programme.