Keith Darling Group General Manager Aztecks

My team specialise in the recruitment of design, development, sales & service engineers with expertise in  Automation, Drives & Robotics.

Managing the recruitment of mechanical, electrical and electronic engineers since 1976 I have helped  small and large companies introduce new technology, improve quality and increase profitability.

It costs nothing to register. From vacancy enquiry to offer normally takes between 5 & 7 days for full time positions, whilst it's possible to supply a contractor or interim the same day.

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Our consultants help companies to find experienced engineers and designers associated with improving manufacturing, I.T systems and processes.

Providing a mix of recruitment and language skills they pool their resources within teams to supply professionals either on a contract basis or for a permanent position.

AzTecksOnline aided by Shortlist our  inter-relational  online magazine helps us to supply the best reference checked and experienced candidates, 24 hrs a day, 7 days a week.

The benefits we offer are to help experienced and qualified professionals find the ideal position. The registration service is free and open to EU residents. REGISTER CV  

Only when a candidate supplied accepts and actually starts work is a fee payable by the employer and even then we guarantee the service for one year. REGISTER VACANCY   

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